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AKONA products are built for any adventure in any climate, any environment, and are uniquely designed for activities both below water and above. Engineered to be rugged, versatile and feature rich, all AKONA products are constructed for a lifetime of exploration.

AKONA began with a simple mission. Make the best dive bags and travel luggage for the scuba diving industry at an affordable price. At the time, there were dive bags of high quality but the bags alone cost as much as the dive gear they were carrying and any dive bag that was a little more affordable fell apart after a season. Quickly AKONA became the diver’s choice of bags. And the Frog Logo became prevlant in every dive store around the country.

Today AKONA is much more than just a bag company with neoprene products, dive accessories, and snorkeling equipment, AKONA provides non life support equipment to the snorkeling and scuba diving markets.

The AKONA Frog has become an Icon in the stores and is easily recognizable everywhere dive equipment is sold.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item